About Dr. Dan

Dr. Dan McClimon is a Board-Certified Neuropathy Specialist who has helped thousands of people regain their lives.

He has a passion for helping people reverse their neuropathy naturally with his signature “Restore” Home Care Program.

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Hi, I’m Dr. Dan McClimon.

I want to take a moment to share the heart behind my “Why” in treating neuropathy.

Growing up, I always spent quality time with my grandparents.

Some of my favorite memories with them were spending time with them after school, fishing with my PopPop, cutting the grass and having ice cream with my Nana, and playing bingo with my Grandmom.

They were always very involved with my childhood activities, and the impression that my grandparents made on my life drives me to help as many people as I can reverse their neuropathy.

Why? So more grandparents and grandchildren can create these memories of their own.

Dr. Dan’s Mission

Time spent with my grandparents was crucial to me becoming the person I am today.

That’s why I believe that the greatest gifts our children can receive today is quality time spent with their grandparents.

This is my why behind making neuropathy treatment my life mission.

And if you suffer from peripheral neuropathy, I want to help.

Not just for you, but for others in your life, too.

Because they deserve more of you, and you deserve to regain your freedom.

There’s another way to treat neuropathy naturally, beyond masking pills and messages from doctor’s telling you there’s nothing you can do… 

And I Want to Show You How.

Dr. Dan’s Background

Dr. Dan McClimon grew up in Southeast PA, about an hour NW of Philadelphia. He grew up playing baseball and running track and cross country. He went on to run track and cross country at Division I Lehigh University on scholarship. He then moved to Marietta, GA to attend Life University where he earned his Doctorate in Chiropractic. This is where Dr. Dan met his wife, Dr. Megan McClimon.

After completing school in Georgia, Dr. Dan and Dr. Megan moved back to Southeast PA and opened Beacon of Life Chiropractic, a neurologically-based family chiropractic practice. Beacon of Life is one of the largest family chiropractic practices in the state of PA, serving pregnant moms, children, athletes, adults, and seniors.

The focus at Beacon of Life is to remove as much neurological interference as possible, so people can enjoy their lives at their fullest potential.

Dr. Dan’s Passion

Dr. Dan developed a passion for helping people address and reverse their neuropathy naturally after seeing so many people suffering with the same issues.

He saw them being told repeatedly that neuropathy cannot be reversed, and being given the same handful of medications to suppress the symptoms.

Dr. Dan obtained his Board Certification in Neuropathy care from the American College of Physical Medicine (ACOPM) so that he could help these people with a higher level of care.

Dr. Dan refined his program of care to consist of a detailed home care protocol that consistently produced results for people in reversing their neuropathy naturally in 3-12 months. This protocol is called the Restore Home Care Program.

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You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Our Home Care Program integrates cutting-edge health technology and methodologies available. That’s why we are able to get such astonishing results for our clients.