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We are thrilled to hear all of the amazing success stories.

Our Signature “Restore” Home-Care Process is clinically proven to rapidly reverse the symptoms of Neuropathy and improve overall health and our patients are happy to report their results.

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Meet Susan

In this video, Susan describes her amazing progress in healing from peripheral neuropathy in her first 7 weeks of care.

She can walk longer, 3-4 blocks at a time. She has better balance. The pins and needles and burning sensations are gone! Susan shares how waking up in the morning without the pain and electric sensations, and being able to walk in her bare feet in comfort is like “celebrating Christmas every day!”

She used to sleep with her feet hanging off each side of the bed due to the pain, and now she wakes up with her feet under the covers!

Her 7 week sensory re-exam showed 40% improvement in her right foot and 96% improvement in her left foot. This is reversing neuropathy naturally.

Meet Joe

In this video, Joe explains how he went from not being able to walk well at all, with pain, heaviness, and fatigue, to walking 1.5 miles a day and playing golf with ease again!

His neuropathy improved 70% in one foot and 100% in the other foot with 6 months of care with Dr. Dan McClimon and the Beacon of Life Team. He loves how he can take advantage of the home-care model for his neuropathy care.

Dr. Dan McClimon, DC, BCN is a Board-Certified Neuropathy Specialist in Royersford, PA. His passion is helping people regain their health and hope to do the things they love with the people they love.

Meet Gerry

In this video, Gerry shares how she has improved 90% with her Neuropathy in the first 4 weeks of her care.

Dancing again without pain
Extreme Ankle Pain almost gone
Feet Don’t Swell Anymore
Burning in Feet at night almost gone
No Compression Socks anymore
Losing Weight with program
Legs don’t hurt when walking
Feet don’t hurt at night

She has also been going up and down steps at home to do wash without her legs and feet hurting.

Gerry is excited to travel more now that she has her legs and feet back!

Meet Fay

In this video, Fay shares about her healing journey over the last 4 months.

Before care, she hurt all the time – walking, laying and trying to play with her grandkids.

She now can do all of those things, including carrying her grandkids up the stairs with little to no trouble!

She has had multiple back surgeries prior to her care here.

She now has better balance, has lost weight, has lower blood pressure, and is “excited to start the rest of her life now!”

Fay shares how she wishes she started her care here years ago.

Meet Mike

Mike shares his multiple areas of improvement in a short 10 week time frame.

Meet Leah

“It’s been a miracle for me. I’m thrilled. I’m truly excited about this whole thing.”

    Meet Cheryl

    She was skeptical at first, but shares how happy she is that she is receiving care with Dr. Dan’s Neuropathy program.

    Meet Tami

    Tami describes how she went from barely being able to walk and hike, to walking 2 miles every day.

    Meet Lily

    Lily used to have the painful feeling like blisters on the bottoms of her feet. Now that pain and blister feeling is gone!

    Meet Virgil

    He is 40% and 58% improved in his feet after 3 months of doing his reversing neuropathy protocol with Dr. Dan McClimon.

    Meet Tony

    Tony shares how his Peripheral Neuropathy has improved 50% in 90 days.

    Meet Tony

    Tony has experienced over 74% improvement in his neuropathy in the last 4 months with his care.

    Meet Bud

    Bud shares how his Neuropathy Pain in more than 50% improved in 3 months.

    Meet Deb

    After 3-months on the program, Deb is now stronger, walking better, and her pain is gone!

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