Restore Home Care Program

A Holistic, 4-Step Approach To Treating Neuropathy

Good health is the fuel for a life well-lived. Learn more about Dr. Dan’s all-natural process for enhancing mobility, reducing discomfort, and increasing energy

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There is hope for getting your life back.

There is hope for getting your neuropathy healed.

Dr. Dan’s passion is addressing the root cause of neuropathy so that people can live their most abundant lives with their loved ones.

His Restore Home Care Program consists of a detailed home care protocol that consistently produces results for people in reversing their neuropathy naturally in 3-12 months.

Drs. McClimon and their team care for people across the country with this signature Restore Program, helping to reverse neuropathy and empower people to thrive in their everyday life and retirement.

The Neuropathy Reversal Process


  • Identify and eliminate the hidden causes of what is sabotaging your body and making your neuropathy worse.
  • ​Advanced diagnostics to pin-point deficiencies dragging down your health – just one deficiency can create pain, resistance, and chronic fatigue.


  • Get customized, hyper-targeted nutritional and supplement strategies for your unique body for rapid transformation and breakthrough results.
  • Cutting edge biohacking techniques to repair your compromised systems (this is the secret sauce 99% of health professionals miss.)


  • Develop customized lifestyle solutions for your unique body specifically designed to enhance energy at the cellular level
  • Longevity planning and integrated health practices to ensure a long, vibrant life at your peak performance

Here’s What You Get with Your Neuropathy Discovery Consultation

  • Personal Consultation Video Call with Dr. Dan
  • Neuropathy Specific Sensory Evaluation
  • ​Home Testing Kit sent to your door​
  • Personal Report of Findings Video Call
  • Customized Recommendations for Neuropathy Home Care Protocol (If a candidate)